The Twin City Stompers  Art Deco Dixieland Jazz Band .

 Has been instrumental in keeping Dixieland Jazz alive in Hawkes Bay New Zealand for over 22 Years performing at corporate functions, Weddings ,Birthdays, Cruise ship departures,funerals,different Art Deco Functions.

The Twin City Stompers take their name from the twin cities of Hawkes Bay,Napier and Hastings and use the style of music to compliment the local Art Deco Theme of the Bay that draws thousands of visitors annually.


Wendy Caldwell  features on clarinet,Tenor & vocals,has played in various bands over the years written & recorded for Christian lovelink & toured  NZ twice as musical director with some of these shows.

She also plays with the H.B Jazz Club Big Band, and a Duo called From the Lip,Wendy enjoys the challenge of playing a variety of different jazz styles.

 Bruce Culver On Alto Sax Vocals,Played for many years with the Les Culver Dance Band in Hawkes Bay NZ


 Ross Culver Double Bass; who's true love is Dixieland Jazz, a veteran of a wide variety of Hawkes Bay groups a fourth generation musician was invited to join the Ernie Rouse Trad Band in the mid 60's.

 Travelled extensively throughout the North Island appeared with popular artists of the time,Seekers,Jim McNought,Ray Woolf, John Mayberry,Lee Grant(Ms), Tommy Adderley, Bunny Walters & Susan..

 Later when the trad band disbanded played with the Eureka Jazz Band,the Tim Healing Quartet/Trio,10 years  with the Hawke's Bay Jazz Club Big Band under the Baton of Ernie Rouse.

Ross has now been made a lifetime member of The Hawke's Bay Jazz Club.

Bruce Culver,Alto Sax and Vocals has worked in many bands over the years including the Les Culver Dance Band, Quando Band and Loose as a Goose in Hawke's Bay.

Kelvin Roy-Gapper,Bass Trumpet also Vocals,song writer and original member of The Jews Brothers,Blue Stars and Gyrotayshn, hails from the States having performed throughout the U.S.A.,Australia and has performed at the Tauranga  and Wellington Jazz Festivals in the past. 

The Stompers have kept the Tradition and performed at the 50th,51st & 52nd Tauranga Jazz Festivals also many of the Manawatu Jazz Festivals.

Most have performed at Art Deco Celebrations since its inception many decades ago. 

The Twin City Stompers love their style of music and are doing their utmost to keep it alive, 


Personal of the Stompers  are:

        Ross Culver        Double Bass         

       Wendy Caldwell  Clarinet.Tenor Sax Soprano Sax,Vocals

      Bruce Culver   Alto Sax,Vocals

    Kelvin Roy-Gapper Bass Trumpet And Vocals.

        C.D's Available   

        1.Warts & All

        2.Deco deLites Dixie

        3.Keep on Smiling

        4. Vintage Jazz

         5. Shine                   $25 each incl postage,multiple orders by arrangement

         6. Changes Made

Our Thanks to our Mentors ;Dave Apperley,Denis Fry,Ray Ball,Dave Kitt,Dave Fergason and Leon Speakman,Roy Wardle,( Past members of The Twin City Stompers.) and the years of guidence of Ernie Rouse 2009.R.I.P.

In Memory of Nigel Kirkman Banjo player for the Stompers Passed away 2005 R.I.P.Also Ray Ball Banjo Player passed away 2011.R.I.P. Alan Meakin Clarinet passed away 2011 R.I.P. Roy Wardle Trumpet passed away 2014 R.I.P.